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The specialized agency ONLY of your HERITAGE MANAGEMENT around MONACO

"Real estate is our passion, your wealth is our concern: Profitability and tranquility two keywords"

PLATINIUM Real Estate together with ONLY GESTION  offers a rental management service for secondary main homes, for the long term or seasonal.

To ensure the tranquility of our customers lender who trust us, our "Management Packs" are customized according to your needs.

 Although rent nowadays requires skills in many different areas

Our customers are freed from the constraints linked to the management of their property: project management, administrative and legal steps.

We are here to save you a rent becomes a hassle in everyday life and ensure the profitability of your assets.


Our competitive prices

To better preserve profitability while ensuring the best service,  ONLY GESTION worked best on his compensation to get you the best current rates.

Without taxes, quarterly payment of your rent

or 6.5% without taxes,  monthly payment of your rent

Garanties of rent :


Contribution: 2% VAT

Unlimited term maximum 70 000€ by claims and by plot

Without any franchise 100% of the rent and charges

Our offer of management rental

With our 30 years experience in the management of rentals of apartments and villas around MONACO, with ONLY GESTION developed a turnkey solution and innovative that will support all aspects of the rental cycle to provide homeowners a customized management and ensure the tenant an unforgettable stay.

The renting

To best meet the expectations of our owners, we establish together a leasing strategy:

· FREE estimate of the rental value of your property

· Taking professional photos and editorial multilingual ads

· Presentation of your property on our advertising media

· Searching for a serious and reliable tenant

· Organization of visits and personalized monitoring with regular reporting

· Establishment of a full inventory of the apartment and photographed (State of Play)

· Drafting of lease and enter places of your tenants

Administrative and financial management

The rental management with ONLY GESTION frees you from all administrative, legal and financial constraints to ensure the best profitability and tranquility:

· Collection and recovery of rents and provisions for charges

· Payment of the trustee fund raising your choice

· Establishment of an account management

· Payment of funds held on your behalf

· Management of maintenance work at the owner's expense

· Monitoring and maintenance work at the expense of tenants


Annual revision of the index as rents

· Adjustment of provisions for charges

· Checking the home insurance

· Edition of annual state aid in the tax declaration of land incomes

End of lease

· Search for new tenants immediately upon receipt of the letter leave to minimize the waiting time between two tenants

· Drafting of the departure inventory

· Monitoring of reclamation by the tenant if needed

· Monitoring of the work to the owner's expense if necessary

· Restitution of the security deposit within the statutory period

Our assets
Optimization of occupancy rate

We work closely with many partners in collaborations to ensure optimal responsiveness you to rent your property as quickly as possible and in the best conditions. On average we find your tenant within 20 days.

Family business

We work whole family for over 30 years from father to son. Experience and availability to our owners are our priority, that's why you will be in direct relationship 7d / 7d to manage your wealth will be ours as carefully and requirement than is necessary.

Maintenance of your property

Maintenance and unbeatable maintenance of your apartment are provided in-house by a professional team. For more serenity, she was recruited on rigorous criteria and formed the particularities of rental housing.

Financial management

We track your rental and guarantee the payment of rent to shield you from the possible failure of a tenant (unpaid, litigation, ...). Finally, you have an account rendering monthly rental management and a legal and tax services tailored to your every need.

You have a project ?

ONLY GESTION offers solutions tailored to your situation for the rental management of your property in order to best optimize your rental yields.

Short or long term rental?

We advise on the type of holiday that best suits your well and your requirements. It is also possible to set up short with long term rentals to optimize schedules.

Furnished or unfurnished rental?

Can not decide between the unfurnished rental or furnished? Attractive tax system, attractive returns, freedom of the owner, we will advise you on the various aspects of both.

Interior design

We bring all our experience to make the best accomodation with the best budget to best meet the needs of current demand. We guide you in the furnishing and decoration in order to optimize your rentals.

Investment support

You have a rental investment project? Our team will guide and advise you in your purchase. Together, we will study the feasibility, choice of financing and expected returns.

Legislation of rental

Do not be lost to the new legislation, we inform and advise. Our experts will enlighten you about your rights and obligations.

Tax system

We will detail you the different formulas and our specialist partner will accompany you in case of query.

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