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Real estate in Cap d'Ail : Côte d'Azur

Located west of Monaco , Cap d'Ail is a small cape on the Cote d'Azur. Famous for its beautiful beaches both Mala and Marquet, this idyllic setting has been popular since 1880 by many celebrities such as Baron de Pau city which contributed to the architecture of the course and development of the city.

Cap d'Ail is located at the foot of the dog's head and extends to the coast lined with splendid and majestic villas "Belle Epoque" , luxury homes for most to seaside residences. Awareness of Cap d' Ail and quickly developed a rich real estate is located .

Lights chemist and biologist brothers were kept for many years in their villa and Villa Helios Villa Pearl. The latter was converted into hotel in the fifties and is a magical place of Cap d'Ail with its rich architecture.

Many celebrities have also chosen this place for their holiday : Greta Garbo , Cocteau, Colette , William Churchill was the mayor, André Malraux stayed at Villa les Camelias , Sacha Guitry was also this place in his heart and Princes Tricks exiles have contributed to the reputation of this city.

This is a magical place where the buildings were built and monuments like today Eden which overlooks the sea.

For walkers , Cap d'Ail offers wild paths between the land and sea of rare beauty.

We can not talk about Cap d'ail without cited Castle Terrace was built in 1890 for William MENDEL . This villa has been rented by Tsar Nicolas II to recover from a long illness, and during his convalescence many princes, queens and empresses stayed there.

Today , the Château des Terrasses was restored to the same with a fleet of approximately 2,000 m2, facing the sea, it offers an amazing view.

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